The Ouakam Sporting union will be at the Paris World Cup! The organization of Paris World Cup is happy to announce that US Ouakam will be on the Parisian fields this summer at the time of the Paris World Cup.

Created in 1951, the club won its first major trophy in 1964, by wining the Cup of Senegal. But it is at the time of the past last decade that the USO knows his best hours. In 2006, the club won its third Cup of Senegal (after those of 1964 and 1989).

And in 2011, they won for the first time of his history the Championship of Senegal, the 60 years dedication made of tops and bottom. US Ouakam saw evolving in their team of the known players of the French public, signs popularity of the club.

Indeed, Pape Diakhaté (former player of Olympique Lyonnais and Dynamo Kiev) and Guirane Daw (who play for the FC Metz) carried the reds and yellows of US Ouakam. The U17 category will be the only team coming this year, they want to win the tournament. No doubt that these monsters will be a great team for the Paris World Cup. Come see the Ouakam Sporting union between the 5th and the 11th of July !

Translated into english by KM