This year the French overseas departments and territories will take a place of honour at the Paris World Cup’s first edition. After Gri-Gri Pilotin from Martinique, we are happy to present to you l’US Saint Marienne. This club, coming to us from the Réunion island, hopes to shine in Paris this summer. We’ve had the opportunity to interview the technical manager of the team, Alex Augustine.

With more than 600 players, spread from U6 to the senior squad, US Sainte Marienne is one the biggest clubs in the Réunion island. The club competes in the best regional league and currently stands in 2nd place. The team competing at the Paris World Cup this summer will be made up of players born in 1998 i.e. U17 category. Alex advises us to look out for young player Ramaye who will impress the Parisian public thanks to his speed and technical skills. No doubt that Ramaye and his teammates are already looking forward to showing their talent to the entire world during their first international tournament.

However, beyond the competition, the club also aspire to promote ‘’universal human values’’. It hopes to see the players’ wellbeing root from the beautiful cultural exchange they will experience during their stay. In Paris, they will be able to meet opponents from all around the world and from all religions.

The City Hall, the local authorities and the parents helped to transform this dream into a reality, to allow the players to participate in such an incredible human experience. Alex described this trip as an ‘’extraordinary opportunity for the players and their parents, which motivates them further’’. Most of them have never been to Paris before but can count on the support of local staff and families.

In any case, the club hopes for a friendly tournament in which they can spread a message of peace between the different countries. We are sure that they will not leave you indifferent !

Translated by SJ and AS