The regional centres of academic works or as we say in french CROUS are public institutions with an administrative goal. So they are charged of the social help, the reception of international students, the student housing, the university canteens and of the cultural student lives. 

House JP Leconte

The house JP LECONTE in Paris, makes some plate pieces, some trophies and medals. They propose a huge amount of choice of creations adapted for your event. It is since 1919 the best company for creation of french and international sport awards. The house JP Leconte is also very good in the engraving business, they are well known for their ability to grave on any support. That’s why they are one of the best partners for the jewelers, house tableware , high – fashion houses and handbags brands. That explains the fact that we chose them for the creation of the Paris World Cup awards. http://www.jpleconte-trophees.com/fr/


The RATP is company charged to take care of the public transportation business in Paris and it’s surrounding. It operates on 16 metro lines, 8 of 10 tram lines in Île-de-France, an important part of Île-de-France buses and a part of the A and B RER lines in Île-de-France. In the Paris region, it transports approximately 3 billions of passengers a year.