Who may participate ?

All clubs, members of a FIFA affiliated national association, may participate in the Paris World Cup. For the countries where football can be taught in the school system, we also allow teams affiliated to their school sports associations.

All players must be insured both for games and leisure time. 

Rules of the tournament

The tournament is played under all applicable FIFA or French Football Federation rules. The specific rules of the tournament are to be found in our website in the Official Rules tab. The games are played with official referees from various countries.

Dates and number of games

All teams play a minimum of 4 games between Tuesday July 5 and Saturday July 9.

A win awards 4 points, a draw 2 points, a defeat 1 point and a penality 0 point.

The teams classified 1st and 2nd of the group qualify for Play-Off A. The teams classified after 2nd place qualify for Play-Off B.

During the Play-Off Phase, all games are knock-out games.

Duration of games

Group & play-off games

8-a-side: 2 x 20min

11-a-side: 2 x 25min

Number of players

There is no limitation as to the number of players in each team. You may note that no more than 7 substitutes can participate in a game for 11-a-side, and 5 substitutes for 8-a-side. Each player must be able to prove his age and identity. It is recommended that all players use the same shirt number for all games. 

Number of teams in the tournament

The Paris World Cup organization cannot accept every registration applications. The teams paying first the registration fees, will thus have priority. A club may register a maximum of 2 teams in the same group of age. 


Dispensations only will be granted in the Girls categories. Teams will be able to participate with 2 girls one year older.

Girls can play in Boys categories until U15.


Each player will receive a prize. For winners, the Paris World Cup Trophy will be awarded (gold medals). For runner-ups and teams reaching the semi-finals, a trophy will also be awarded (silver and bronze medals).  


All our offers include the following elements.

  • 5 nights of accomodation from July 4 to 9.
  • 15 meals from dinner on July 4 untill lunch on July 9.
  • Free unlimited access to public transportation in Paris.
  • Access offered by Paris City Council to most of Paris monuments.
  • The individual participation to the tournament.



– One room per team

–  290€ per person



– Single room, double room or dormitory

–  360€ per person



– Single, double or triple room

– 425€ per person in 1* Hotels. 

– 475€ per person in 2** Hotels. 

– 650€ per person in 3*** Hotels. 



 General rules for accomodations :

If accomodated in gymnasiums, each participant will have to provide for his own sleeping bag and ground sheet/mattress.

Beds and linen can be rented for 30 € per person . For further information on that subject, contact : info@parisworldcup.com

On all accomodations :

  • one adult every 12 children must be with the group. 4 adults maximum are accepted in the same accomodation as the children in the gymnasiums or youth hostels.
  • Alcohol and cigarette are forbiden on the playing fields and the accomodations.
  • the accomodations must be silent between 10 pm and 8 am. The adults must ensure that this point is respected. There must be a minimum of one adult with the team at night time in the accomodations.

Additional nights

Teams wishing to book additional nights may benefit from this option. This possibility is limited to a maximum of 2 days before and after the tournament. The price of one extra night is 40 €  in Category G, 50 € in Category Y. The price of an extra night in Category H varies from each Hotel. Contact info@parisworldcup.com for more info. Please note that these prices does not include any meal.

Change of Accomodation

The organization reserves the right to transfer a team to another gymnasium at all time. As indicated in the rules, the head of delegation is responsible for his/her players and staff behavior. It is compulsory to read the Terms & Conditions of the accommodation.


Location of the meals :

Breakfasts : served on the place of accomodation of the teams.

Lunch :  university restaurant Jussieu and Descartes.

Dinner : university restaurant Mabillon and La Barge (boat on the Seine River located near Bibliothèque).

Public transportation

Public transportation (bus, metro and tramway) within Paris is included for the participants during the tournament. This offer is valid from the arrival of the teams to their accomodation on July 4 untill the end of July 9. 

Airport transfer

Participants may benefit from discounts on transfers between the airport and their accommodation.  You can reach the organization at info@parisworldcup.com on that subject. You may note that transfers included in that offers are those to and from Orly and Charles de Gaulle Airports. The price for one return ticket to the airport in the tournament shuttle is 25€ per person. The price for a single ticket in the tournament shuttle is 15€ per person.

Accompanying people

Families, fans or visitors are welcome to the Paris World Cup. We can help them plan their stay and book a hotel in Paris during the tournament. To benefit from this service, you can contact us at info@parisworldcup.com.

Insurances and Responsibility

You must make sure that all players are insured both on and off the football field. The Paris World Cup does not carry any group insurance protecting participants in case of injury, illness, theft or damage to property. Participants from countries with no agreement with France (such as European Health Insurance Card) must have personal insurance.

The organization advises you not to let unattended valuables and money. That is especially true in gymnasiums, dressing rooms and near the playing fields.

Image rights

The acceptation of the Terms & Conditions by the teams and its players amounts to an authorization for the use of its image rights – unless explicitly objected in writing, at least one week before the recording of the images. Image rights are meant as the use, collection and broadcast of images for any normal use related to the event. The images can be broadcast and used directly for the promotion of the Paris World Cup on any means of communication known or unknown to this day (press, radio, tv, web, marketing, …). The club and players acknowledge that they can not pretend to any fee for the use of his/her rights mentioned in this clause.

Cancelation of the tournament and Event of Force Majeure

In the event that the tournament cannot be held or must be postponed because of events beyond the control of the organization (Event of Force Majeure) or due to events which are not attributable to wrongful intent or gross negligence of the tournament organizers, the organization cannot be held liable by the delegations for any damages or losses. Damages or losses are meant as financial or material losses such as transportation costs, accommodation costs or costs for additional orders. Under such circumstances, the organization reserve the right to either keep the entire registration/accommodation fee if it has already been perceived by third parties or to retain it for a future participation of the delegation. As soon as possible, the organization will seek the reimbursement of all sums which have not been perceived by third parties.

The Paris World Cup is in no way responsible for injury and economic loss which may arise in the case of war, strikes, or similar events.

Mediation Clause

In case of dispute, the parties will try to resolve the dispute amicably prior to any legal action. In case of failure of the amicable resolution, they will seek mediation. Under French Civil Code article 2238 the mediation will have the effect of suspending any other legal action regarding the same matter.

The costs of mediation will be supported by both parties equally. Parties must at least come to one individual interview and one meeting with the aim to solve their matter.


All payments need to be done to the Paris World Cup bank account:

Payments in EURO :

HSBC, France.

IBAN code FR76 3005 6009 3509 3500 0786 818


Note that all bank transaction fees have to be paid for by the teams. Please observe that we do not accept any personal or company cheques.

Important dates

September 1st: Registration and payments begin.

April 10th: Last day for registration and payments.