Who may participate?

All clubs, members of a FIFA affiliated national association, may participate in the Paris World Games. For the countries where football can be taught in the school system, we also allow teams affiliated to their school sports associations.

All players must be insured both for games and leisure time.

Rules of the tournament

The tournament is played under all applicable FIFA or French Football Federation rules. The specific rules of the tournament are to be found in our website in the Official Rules tab. The games are played with official referees from various countries.

Conditions of participation

In order to fulfil the conditions of participation, each player must show his/her F.F.F license of the ongoing season. In case of failure to present the license, the player will have to present an ongoing (less than 18 months) medical certificate clearance for football, an official identity document as well as a parental authorization – if the player is a miner (or visa for countries out of the EU).

Visual control of the players and exemptions

Before the first game, the organization staff will proceed to a visual control of the age of each participant, who will receive a colored bracelet according to his/her age category.

The central referee will proceed to a visual control of the colored bracelets of both teams before the game’s kick off.

Teams will have to fill a game sheet before each game’s kick off, which they will sign before and after the game. An annex for the “objections” will be available on the score table before, during or after the game. No exemption on the ages will be authorized, unless extraordinary decision taken by the organizational committee.

Any player who does not present his/her bracelet or refuses to submit to the visual control of the identities or control of the equipment will be denied to enter the game.

 The equipment

Clubs are required to play the official games under the colors, which have been previously designated during the registration on the Paris World Games official website. Team members must be uniformly dressed with the colors of their respective clubs: jersey, short and socks. The jersey numbers must correspond to the ones previously indicated on the game sheet.

Goal keepers must wear bright color, other than their teammates’ color, opponents’ color or referees’ color.

In the case where a player does not wear the same colors as his/her teammates, the player will be denied the entry on the game.

In the case where 2 opponent teams wear similar colors or colors likely to cause confusion, the first club appearing on the announcement of the game is required to wear jerseys with colors other than the opponents’ colors.

Shin pads are compulsory for all the players.

This obligation is required for the security of the players and a team cannot lose a game if this obligation is not fulfilled by one or several player(s) of the team following a claim filled in the “objections” annex.

Furthermore, it is stated that the participation of a player without his/her shin pads is placed under the responsibility of the head of the team concerned and the player cannot be denied the entry on the game.

Substitute players must be differentiated from titular players by wearing a chasuble with a color different from the titular’s jerseys.

One or several tie(s) in the ranking points for teams in the same group

In the event of one or several tie(s) in ranking points, division ranking will be decided on the basis of several criteria, as follows by order:

1/ most points in the game, then most goals scored between the 2 teams.

2/ best difference between the number of goals scored and the number of goals against throughout the whole group’s games.

3/ most scored goals throughout the whole group’s games.

4/ fewest cards earned throughout the whole group’s games.

5/ winner of a 3-penalty kick shoot-out.


Tie at the end of the regulation time in a play-off game

During the Play-Off Phase, all games are knock-out games. At the end of the regulation time, tied teams will be split up by a penalty shoot-out.

In the WU11, WU14, U10, U11 and U12, there are 3 kickers designated per team. In the other categories, 5 kickers are designated for each team. The team that has scored the most goals with the designated kickers is qualified for the next round.

In the event of a new tie at the end of the shoot-out, the system called “sudden death” will be applied to split up the teams.


Duration of games

Group & play-off games

8-a-side: 2 x 20min

11-a-side: 2 x 25min

Rules specific to 8-a-side football

The WU11, WU14, U10, U11 and U12 categories will be played with 8-a-side teams on half a 11v11 field. The penalty area is 26×13 metres dimension.

The IFAB rules are applicable with modifications published below.

In the WU11 and U10 categories, the off-side rule applies from the 13-metre line of the defending team. (In the WU14, U11 and U12 categories, the off-side rule applies from the halfway line, as on a 11v11 field).

When the goalkeeper puts the ball back after a goal clearance, he/she will be allowed to put the ball on the line that corresponds to the penalty mark. (The conditions for a goalkeeper for taking the ball in his/her hands on a teammate pass are the same as 11-a-side football. All the throw ins are done by hand, as in the 11v11 football).


Absence of a team at the time of the kick-off

In the event of absence of one of the teams at the time of the kick-off, victory will be given by default to the present team on the field on a score of 5 goals to 0. In the event of absence of both teams, the game will be lost for both teams (5 goals against 0).

The penalised team will be able to contest before the statutes commission and rules of the tournament in case of a claim addressed to commission@parisworldgames.com.


Number of players

There is no limitation as to the number of players in each team. You may note that no more than 7 substitutes can participate in a game for 11-a-side, and 5 substitutes for 8-a-side. Each player must be able to prove his age and identity. It is recommended that all players use the same shirt number for all games.


Dates and number of games

All teams play a minimum of 4 games between Friday 7 and Thursday July 13.

A win awards 4 points, a draw 2 points, a defeat 1 point and a penality 0 point.

The teams classified 1st and 2nd of the group qualify for Play-Off A. The teams classified after 2nd place qualify for Play-Off B.

During the Play-Off Phase, all games are knock-out games.

Number of teams in the tournament

The Paris World Games organization cannot accept every registration applications. The teams paying first the registration fees, will thus have priority. A club may register a maximum of 2 teams in the same group of age.


Dispensations only will be granted in the Girls categories. Teams will be able to participate with 2 girls one year older.

Girls can play in Boys categories until U15.


All the claims must be raised under a written form. The objections on the qualification and participation to the games must be raised prior to the the kick-off of the game or prior to the entry in the game of the concerned player. Technical objections must be raised under a written form during the out of play following the litigious act and prior to the back into play. A disciplinary commission will assess on the litigation cases delivered to it. A statutes commission and rules will be able to assess on submission and will be habilitated to decide on the postponement of a game.



The disciplinary commission will be able to impose sanctions based on the report presented by the officials or the clubs. The commission is automatically being submitted on the basis of the report presented by the referees and may be submitted by the clubs by email addressed to commission@parisworldgames.com.

Yellow cards will be erased after each game.


Disciplinary commission

The disciplinary commission is composed of players’ representatives, referees, volunteers and coaches as well as members of the organization. It decides on first and last instance except for cases concerning ejection of the tournament (or suspension higher than 2 games). For ejection cases, it is possible to refer to the directory committee via the address info@parisworldgames.com .



Each player will receive a prize. For winners, the Paris World Games Trophy will be awarded (gold medals). For runner-ups and teams reaching the semi-finals, a trophy will also be awarded (silver and bronze medals).