Our story

  • The Paris World Games were originally the fruit of a project between enthusiasts who had been volunteering on football pitches for many seasons with the Pitray Olier Paris club. Each year, Christophe and François Claret de Fleurieu take part in the world’s biggest youth football tournament, the Gothia Cup in Sweden. As agents for major tournaments, they have also organised a tournament renowned for its sporting and organisational excellence, the PO Paris tournament, in parallel with their higher education studies.
  • The Paris World Games combine the experience of world sports games with the irresistible attraction that the city of Paris represents for young people from all over the world. Developed as part of the HEC Paris Incubator, as well as by chance meetings, the first edition of the tournament took place in 2015.
  • 2024 will mark the 8th anniversary of the Paris World Games! To mark this occasion, the Paris World Games team would like to give young girls and boys from all over the world the opportunity to live out their dreams through sport.

Community of 130 countries

For almost 10 years, some 130 countries have taken part in the Paris World Games. This large community of sporting friends has grown along with the tournament and we are proud to be present in all 4 corners of the world.

Winners basketball

U15 - 2023

Le Mée Sports Basket

U17 - 2023

Championnet Sport

U13F - 2023

CTC Val de Bièvre

U18F - 2023

CS Meaux

Winners football

U10 - 2023

US Villejuif

U11 - 2023

US Villejuif

U12 - 2023

Mouloudia El Biar

U13 - 2023


U14 - 2023

La Viena FC

U15 - 2023

Paris 13 Atletico

U17 - 2023

St. Charles

U20 - 2023

Montrouge FC 92

U14F - 2023

PSG Academy Vancouver

U15F - 2023

Mantes la Jolie

U18F - 2023


Winners handball

U14 - 2023

RK Smederevo

U16 - 2023

Olse Merksem Handball

U18 - 2023


U14F - 2023

Zhonghe Elementary School

U16F - 2023

L’étoile de Morne à l’eau

U18F - 2023

Tamponnaise Handball Filles

Winners rugby

U14 - 2023

Haagsche Rugby Club

U16 - 2023

USO Massif Central

U19 - 2023

Antony Métro 92

Seniors - 2023

7 Péchés Capitaux

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