You may yet register your club to participate to the world youth football cup in Paris.

The age categories of the Paris World Games are :

For girls:

WU19 (born after 01/01/ 1996)

WU17 (born after 01/01/1998)

WU15 (born after 01/01/2000)

WU13 (born after 01/01/2002)

WU11 (born after 01/01/2004)

For boys :

U17 (born after 01/01/1998)

U16 (born after 01/01/1999)

U15 (born after 01/01/2000)

U14 (born after 01/01/2001)

U13 (born after 01/01/2002)

U12 (born after 01/01/2003)

U11 (born after 01/01/2004)

U10 (born after 01/01/2005)